Chemours™ Opteon™ XL55 Selected by Major Air-Conditioning Equipment Manufacturer

Midea Selects Opteon™ XL55 for Unitary Air-conditioning Units in North America Market

WILMINGTON, DE., April 25, 2017 – The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, today announced the selection of Opteon™ XL55 (R-452B), a low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, by China-based Midea for use in its unitary air-conditioning units designed for the North America market. Opteon™ XL55 offers over 65% lower GWP than R-410A, while yielding improved performance. Opteon™ XL55 is ASHRAE class 2L mildly flammable and has the lowest 2L flammability properties of leading R-410A replacements. This optimal combination of properties, particularly its design compatibility to R-410A equipment, gives Opteon™ XL55 a distinct advantage over other low GWP options.

The R&D team of Midea Group’s Central Air-Conditioning Division remarked that Opteon™ XL55 meets the performance requirements for unitary air-conditioning units for North America, and has a leading advantage in low GWP. Mr. Mingli Tian, general manager, Central Air-Conditioning Division of Midea Group, is pleased to collaborate with Chemours and remarked, “Opteon™ XL55 is the perfect low GWP refrigerant choice to make sure our products are compliant with environmental regulations. It will carry us far into the future with an environmentally sustainable offering for our customers.”

“We at Chemours are extremely pleased that Midea has selected Opteon™ XL55 for use in their unitary air-conditioning units,” said Diego Boeri, Vice President, Chemours Fluorochemicals. “Midea concluded that Opteon™ XL55 offers the optimal balance of properties to meet their needs for a low GWP refrigerant in their unitary air-conditioning portfolio.”

The Opteon™ portfolio of fluorochemicals from Chemours represents a breakthrough line of low GWP solutions. They were developed to help meet increasingly stringent global regulations while generally maintaining or improving performance compared to the products they replace. As the leading supplier of more environmentally sustainable refrigerants, Chemours has and continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to develop this portfolio of new products and additional capacity as the need for low GWP solutions grows throughout the world.

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